Partnership with Shepherd Neame


Kent-based brewer and operator Shepherd Neame has named us as their inaugural Charity of the Year, as part of the relaunch of their Sheps Giving charitable arm of the business.

Shepherd Neame have already supported us at some of our other charity events and their team was instrumental in helping the Mighty Bar run smoothly at our summer festival but this partnership takes their support to a whole new level and we are excited to be able to work directly with members of their team to raise funds and awareness. Aside from the local connections, the company has lost two members of its own staff to brain tumours and several other employees have had family members affected.

Funds have already been raised via a charity golf day and the Faversham 10K run but there are lots more plans in the pipeline, including a Christmas Sale and a comedy night – something that would have been right up Silas’s street – so watch this space….

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