Voices for Change

March 2021 was Brain Tumour Awareness month. The Brain Tumour charity has been hit very hard by the impact of Covid-19, like all UK charities, and their funding stream has been decimated. This is terrible news for those of us desperate to change the outcome for families facing a brain tumour diagnosis.

The charity is pushing its #voicesforchange campaign ensuring that the issues that affect the brain tumour community remain a political priority. As part of that campaign and also to push the charity’s ground-breaking app BRIAN, Ben and I recorded a video explaining why we wish the app had been around during Silas’s treatment.

Always bittersweet to see his beautiful smiling face.

If you know anyone diagnosed with a brain tumour please encourage them to sign up for the BRIAN app. Even if they never use it for themselves, merely by signing up their medical history (anonymised) can play a part in changing the future for others.

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